Monument Restoration


Today we’re surrounded by neglected and deteriorated cemeteries.  If you are one of many Americans who are learning more about their ancestry through online subscriptions such as Ancestry, fold3, FamilySearch and MyHeritage, you may be looking for a tangible way to honor your family or ancestors.  One of the ways in which you can do this is to make sure your ancestors’ gravestones are clean, legible and preserved for future generations.


A casual walk through most cemeteries will reveal the deteriorated condition of many of the old headstones.  The passage of time and exposure to the elements have taken their toll on these monuments to the lives of those who have so positively contributed to our national and personal successes.  Whether made of sandstone, marble, limestone or granite, old gravestones are negatively impacted by the accumulation of bacteria, mold, mildew, algae, mosses, lichen and dirt. The damage may simply result in the stone’s unsightly appearance, or more alarmingly, make its writing illegible. Can this damage be undone? It can and Walker Stone Works can help!



Stones River National Battlefield